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Do you Understand Color Psychology?

By: David Brim

Colors…they were one of the first things that we learned as children and are around us constantly.

When we see colors at a conscious, or unconscious level we react to them differently.

When driving we know that green means go and red means stop. We’ve all seen James Bond looking sharp in his black tuxedo in the 007 movies and have come to associate white with innocence. But did you know that colors can impact your customer’s feelings towards your brand and even their buying process? … (more…)

7 Reasons Why Hashtags Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

By: katlin

Happy New Year!Hashtags have been a part of the social media discussion for a long time now. However, surprisingly a lot of people still aren’t using hashtags to their full potential.

Using a hashtag is easy all you do is add the pound sign in front of a word or combination of words and you have an instant keyword, linking your post to thousands upon thousands of similar posts.

So why should you integrate them into your daily Twitter-life?… (more…)

Website Wireframing Made Easy with Balsamiq

By: katlin

As a business owner you want to be involved in every step of your company’s growth; this includes building a new website.

If you feel out of touch or as though you can’t help in the process beyond just giving your suggestions and hoping that the designer can visualize what you are saying, don’t worry we have a solution for you: create a wireframe.

Wait, don’t start shaking your head or thinking to yourself “I don’t even know what a wireframe is and you expect me to make one!” It’s actually a lot easier than you think…. (more…)

10 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs to Visit Daily

By: Dave

Let’s face it – the Internet Marketing world changes daily, and sometimes even quicker than that. It can become almost a full-time job just trying to keep up with the latest news and updates. I know there are hundreds – if not thousands of internet marketing related websites and blogs – but I put together a short list of 10 internet marketing blogs I visit on a daily basis. Enjoy!… (more…)

Infographics: Worth It or Wasted?

By: katlin

[three_fourth_last]The latest craze in understanding information and showing data comes in the form of an infographic. What exactly is an infographic? An infographic is a visual representation of data, they are also categorized as data visualization and information design. Actually, here is an infographic to explain this question:… (more…)

What General Motors Can Teach You about Design

By: katlin

Last month I was reading an article in Fast Company Magazine about GM’s VP of Global Design, Ed Welburn, and how he managed to keep the auto company on top after such a hard hit to the industry. This was only a one page interview but I managed to learn a few key lessons about design and how greatly it affects business…. (more…)

How to Follow the 2012 Olympics like a Champ

By: Dave

I am sure it’s no surprise to you that professional athletes have sprinted to the front lines of social media the last few years. With the 2012 Summer Olympics underway, it gives a chance for the lesser-known athletes to make a name for themselves online and offline. The Olympics have been killing it all across the web and social media the past few months and the day is finally here…the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony will be held tonight at 9:00pm in London, 7:30pm EST (tape delay)…. (more…)

Facebook Offers: Driving New Business and Engaging Customers

By: Dave

Facebook Offers is a great tool for local businesses to drive new business and engage current customers. Currently, offers are free for page admins to create and share, but it is still limited to a small amount of local businesses.

It’s Simple to Get Started

At the top of your page’s timeline where you would normally create a status post, click “Offer, Event +” and then select “Offers.” Simply select a thumbnail image to be displayed, along with a headline of the offer, terms and expiration. Once you have added a thumbnail, headline, terms and expiration, preview the offer and post it. It really is that easy…. (more…)

Land More Customers through Online Marketing

By: David Brim

This past Tuesday I gave a webinar to a group of CEOs, marketing directors and economic development professionals.  The title of the webinar was “Land More Customers Through Online Marketing – How to Add SEO & Social Media into your marketing tackle box”.

I thought that the webinar went well and the feedback was very positive.

I thought it would be helpful to share the visuals / slides from the presentation for both those that attended and those that did not…. (more…)

27 Monumental Content Ideas to Ignite Your Online Marketing Fireworks

By: David Brim

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  When determining the appropriate blog post to publish for this holiday I must say that our team was “Bursting with Ideas” !   Lots of brainstorming occurred and high powered “boom generating” ideas arose.   But as the smoke cleared one  concept remained sparkling longer than the rest.   Independence Day is such a monumental holiday.  It paved the way for a country founded by freedom of thought, speech and beliefs.  This freedom of thought and speech can be expressed today on the web in the form of social media content or website content.  Being that content is such a monumental part of online marketing we thought it was only appropriate to give you 27 monumental content ideas to help ignite your online marketing efforts.  If you find that your online marketing, social media or thought leadership ideas have fizzled out- I’m sure these content ideas will help ignite your brainstorming…. (more…)