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27 Monumental Content Ideas to Ignite Your Online Marketing Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  When determining the appropriate blog post to publish for this holiday I must say that our team was “Bursting with Ideas” !   Lots of brainstorming occurred and high powered “boom generating” ideas arose.   But as the smoke cleared one  concept remained sparkling longer than the rest.   Independence Day is such a monumental holiday.  It paved the way for a country founded by freedom of thought, speech and beliefs.  This freedom of thought and speech can be expressed today on the web in the form of social media content or website content.  Being that content is such a monumental part of online marketing we thought it was only appropriate to give you 27 monumental content ideas to help ignite your online marketing efforts.  If you find that your online marketing, social media or thought leadership ideas have fizzled out- I’m sure these content ideas will help ignite your brainstorming.

27 Content Ideas to ignite your online marketing fireworks

  1. Best Practices of a particular topic
  2. Common Mistakes your customers face when doing something related to your industry or product
  3. How to Guide of a particular topic in your industry
  4. Example projects or strategies to use related to a topic
  5. Upcoming Events related to your industry27 Content Ideas to ignite your online marketing fireworks
  6. Industry Event – content informing people that you’ll be attending
  7. Industry Event recap- we went and this is how it was (with pictures, etc)
  8. Top resources related to a topic or your industry
  9. Top technology and tools related to your industry
  10. Tips on how to improve a certain aspect of something in your industry
  11. Templates related to a Topic in your industry that your customers can use
  12. Trends pertaining to your Industry or that can impact your customers
  13. Aggregate a list of influencers  related to your industry (top twitter users, bloggers, speakers, etc)
  14. Organize a list of top groups, associations or organizations for your industry
  15. Online presentation for specific aspects of Topic (slideshare.net, prezi.com)
  16. History of your industry or a theme / topic within your industry
  17. Create a game or quiz related to your industry
  18. Whitepaper related to your topic or industry
  19. Analogies comparing topic to entertainment, celebrity,  interest, holiday, etc
  20. Publish a list of top top tweets or blog posts related to your industry or a topic within it
  21. Publish and respond to a question from audience- recap question and write response
  22. Guest blog post from an influencer or speaker in your industry
  23. Take time to Interview a top influencer(s) in your industry and publish the findings as a blog post
  24. Share Videos related to a subject or industry
  25. Create infographic related to a topic or concept
  26. Review of product or book related to your industry
  27. Throw a Contest related to your industry that encourages audience participation and social engagement

I hope that you have found these content ideas to be helpful.

I do want to mention that these ideas were meant to help you ignite your online marketing fireworks.  It’s up to you to actually have good fireworks!  The best online marketing fireworks, or high powered content, will not only make a bang in the marketplace, but be well worth sharing once your customers see it.

If you can think of any other content ideas that I missed and would like to share them, please feel free to let us know.  If you found this post to be helpful please share it on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious or Stumbleupon with others!

I hope that you and your family have an outstanding Fourth of July!



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