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10 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs to Visit Daily

Let’s face it – the Internet Marketing world changes daily, and sometimes even quicker than that. It can become almost a full-time job just trying to keep up with the latest news and updates. I know there are hundreds – if not thousands of internet marketing related websites and blogs – but I put together a short list of 10 internet marketing blogs I visit on a daily basis. Enjoy!

10 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs to Visit Daily

1. SEOmoz Blog

Focus: Tips, tricks and advice for optimizing websites and getting better search engine rankings
Website: www.SEOmoz.org/blog
Twitter: @SEOmoz

2. Search Engine Journal

Focus: News on search marketing, blogs, and Web 2.0
Website: www.SearchEngineJournal.com
Twitter: @sejournal

3. Marketing Pilgrim

Focus: Breaking news stories, in-depth analysis of marketing trends, and comprehensive reviews of new products and services
Website: www.MarketingPilgrim.com
Twitter: @MarketingPilgrm

4. Copyblogger Blog

Focus: Content marketing and copywriting articles and tips
Website: www.Copyblogger.com/blog
Twitter: @copyblogger

5. Social Media Examiner

Focus: Social media marketing how to, research, case studies, news and more
Website: www.SocialMediaExaminer.com
Twitter: @smexaminer

10 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs to Visit Daily


6. KISSmetrics Blog

Focus: Marketing blog featuring insights, infographics and marketing guides
Website: blog.KISSmetrics.com
Twitter: @KISSmetrics

7. Unbounce Blog

Focus: Landing page, online marketing and conversion rate optimization
Website: Unbounce.com/blog
Twitter: @unbounce

8. Search Engine Watch

Focus: Search engine marketing, paid search advertising, search engine optimization
Website: SearchEngineWatch.com
Twitter: @sewatch

9. Search Engine Land

Focus: News about search engine marketing and search engines
Website: SearchEngineLand.com
Twitter: @sengineland

10. Marketing Land

Focus: Internet marketing news, strategy and tips
Website: MarketingLand.com
Twitter: @Marketingland

What internet marketing related sites and blogs make it on your daily to-do list?

– Dave

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