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7 Reasons Why Hashtags Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!Hashtags have been a part of the social media discussion for a long time now. However, surprisingly a lot of people still aren’t using hashtags to their full potential.

Using a hashtag is easy all you do is add the pound sign in front of a word or combination of words and you have an instant keyword, linking your post to thousands upon thousands of similar posts.

So why should you integrate them into your daily Twitter-life?

7. Hashtags not only increase your visibility as a business but they increase your visibility and credibility as an individual. Believe it or not using hashtags on your personal account can actually increase the worthiness of your business. With services like LinkedIn and the mighty Google, thought leaders in your industry will find you and your personal Twitter to see if you live up to the knowledge of your company.

6. Think hashtags are just for Twitter? Wrong. If you haven’t already set up an Instagram account for your restaurant, boutique, city, etc. you are missing out on another ‘hashtag haven.’ Photos can now be linked to specific topics through hashtags.

5. Current trends are easy to find. Twitter gives you the most popular hashtags at the moments in a continuously updated stream. You can use the ones that are relevant to you or find out if there is a popular tag just by searching. Staying on trend has never been easier for you than it is right now.

4. Making your posts easily searchable leads to more followers and reposts or retweets. Growing your business is easier because you are becoming more relatable to consumers.

3. Education. A big part of growing as a business owner is learning new techniques. So, you’ve never used a hashtag – who cares. The more you use them the more comfortable you will be using social media which will only open more doors for your business and ultimately show in your bottom line.

2. Organize. Create a few standard hashtags that your business uses regularly. Later on you can sift through your posts and see why certain products are less popular than others based on how often you promote them.

1. There is little effort required. If you are already tweeting, Instagram-ing, and Facebook-ing using hashtags just requires that you type a few more characters in your post.

Make yourself and your business more marketable online with hashtags. It will be the easiest and most rewarding resolution that you can make this year.

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