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Facebook Offers: Driving New Business and Engaging Customers

Facebook Offers is a great tool for local businesses to drive new business and engage current customers. Currently, offers are free for page admins to create and share, but it is still limited to a small amount of local businesses.

It’s Simple to Get Started

At the top of your page’s timeline where you would normally create a status post, click “Offer, Event +” and then select “Offers.” Simply select a thumbnail image to be displayed, along with a headline of the offer, terms and expiration. Once you have added a thumbnail, headline, terms and expiration, preview the offer and post it. It really is that easy. Here’s more information on Facebook Offers.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Offer a substantial discount like 20% off or more; however, offering something for free usually out performs percentage discounts.
  • Add a thumbnail image with a person using the product. Promotions are generally more successful when the consumer can picture themselves using a product. (Thumbnails are 90 x 90 pixels)
  • Keep the headline short, simple and direct. (Headlines are 90 characters max)
  • Make sure the terms are easy to understand. Don’t lose a potential sale due to a long list of conditions in order to use a coupon. (Terms are 900 characters max)
  • Set an expiration date for at least a few days to as long as one week. You want to convey a sense of urgency to claim the offer, but should allow enough time for the offer to be shared.
  • Make sure that all employees are aware of the offers and are aware of how to redeem it.
  • Accept offers printed or being shown on a customer’s phone.
  • Pin your offer to the top of your page’s timeline for everyone to see.
  • Take advantage of the number of offers claimed. Use this statistic as an opportunity to test out different offers to create more successful offers in the future.

Have you used Facebook Offers? Do you have any more tips for a successful offer?

– Dave

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