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Understanding Social Media

By: David Brim

Recently we were referred to a growing author and successful business man to generate buzz and awareness for his upcoming book and tour. After several interactions with him it was clear that he was viewing social media as traditional “push” marketing. The points below were articulated to him in an email…specific aspects of the email relative to his business were stripped away for this post, however I thought it would still be beneficial to share this information as it may help others better understand social media and how it can help grow their business…. (more…)

From Mario to Mobile

By: David Brim

Ever since we first smashed bricks with Mario or flipped the Tetris blocks, America has loved video games. Did you know that over one-third of cell phone users play video games through their mobile device? A branded video game, known as an advergame, has the potential to create maximum exposure for your brand by your product being displayed prominently throughout the game. This product placement is common in tv shows or movies, which adds to the verisimilitude (thanks to spell check on that one). … (more…)

Customer Reward Programs through Social Media

By: David Brim

Social Media can be utilized in many ways outside of standard interactions and basic communication. Some additional ways that social media can be used that people often don’t thing about include market research, customer service, participation marketing, reputation management and as the title of this post suggests…Developing customer reward or customer loyalty programs…. (more…)

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

By: developer

Like a parent with children on opposing basketball teams I have sat in marketing department meetings and listened to internet marketers and traditional marketing experts banter back and forth about how the customer was won.

In internet marketing it is relatively easy to track a campaign’s effectiveness -click a button and you know which landing page your customer came from, put a tracking code in your email marketing and measure the response, have customers text a certain response,-your mobile marketing works, etc. However campaign specific ROI has always been difficult to measure in print and traditional mediums. Which print ad worked? Did they like this media piece? Was it the campaign we launched this month or last month that worked? How do you quantify how many visited the website through the suggestion of a print medium? The convergence (buzzword bingo) of integration of print and online marketing are key factors in the success of your marketing team, but how does a team go about doing that?… (more…)

Utilizing Social Media- Best Buy’s Approach

By: David Brim

Social Media can be an extremely powerful way to grow your business if utilized correctly. There are many aspects of your business which can be improved by integrating social media into your marketing strategy. For example social media can be used as a customer service channel, a tool to conduct market research, a way to strengthen relationships with existing customers, a platform to build relationships with new customers, a tool to increase brand awareness and so much more…. (more…)

Welcome our new COO, Robert Urban!

By: David Brim

Our team at Brand Advance is excited to add Robert Urban as our new Chief Operating Officer. Robert comes with much talent and experience that will aid in the growth of Brand Advance, including extensive experience in sales and marketing operational strategy and staffing implementation.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps Robert has held various roles of responsibility highlighted by serving as the recruiting practice director for Raretec Consulting, an international recruitment and consulting firm, and acting as the Chief Marketing Officer of CareerPledge, a SAAS technology firm. His areas of expertise are in combining technology, sales, and marketing best practices to create an incredible service offering and client/customer satisfaction. He has acted as an executive marketing/technical implementation consultant to many of the fortune 500 companies and has delivered staffing and operational enterprise strategy across multiple verticals for all sizes of business…. (more…)

Understanding Your Customers

By: David Brim

Any marketing initiative whether traditional marketing, search engine optimization or social media starts with understanding your buyers or potential customers. You do not want to take a “One size-fits-all” marketing approach that targets everyone, but appeals to nobody. By understanding your customers and segmenting them into very distinct groups you will be able to reach each segment with the message that resonates most to them.

To do this we recommend developing buyer personas for each of your target customer groups. A buyer persona is essentially a mini-biography for each of your target customer groups. These buyer personas will be the basis of your keyword research, content strategies, link building and more…. (more…)

More to Come

By: David Brim

Hi Everyone!

If you’re wondering why we haven’t built up our blog yet here it’s because we just launched this site. We went through a re-brand and re-design of our company website. We’re a relatively new company based in Orlando, Fl made up of experienced designers, developers and marketers. There will be many more posts coming in the near future…. (more…)