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Utilizing Social Media- Best Buy’s Approach

Social Media can be an extremely powerful way to grow your business if utilized correctly. There are many aspects of your business which can be improved by integrating social media into your marketing strategy. For example social media can be used as a customer service channel, a tool to conduct market research, a way to strengthen relationships with existing customers, a platform to build relationships with new customers, a tool to increase brand awareness and so much more.

Below is a great video of Best Buy’s CMO Barry Judge talking about how Social Media is utilized by Best Buy. The video also touches on Barry’s thoughts on social media as a whole.

Brand Advance is excited and eager to assist you in crafting your social media marketing plan. One thing to remember is that if you’re not utilizing social media to connect with your target audience/consumer, chances are your competitor will. Contact us today for a free consultation.

One thing to remember is if your not utilizing social media to connect with your customers, chances are your competitor is.

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