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Tips on Effectively Utilizing Twitter


1. Have a plan.

Do some research on the social media networks out there and devise a plan. Target the top 3 sites, create a profile, and answer the question “What’s in It for Me?” You should have a target goal for each social media site. It could be generating more traffic to your site, get more sales, build brand identity but gaining XXXX amount of followers. In the end, make sure the voice is the same throughout, so you keep brand identity. Have commitment, as social media takes time to grow.

2. If you are the expert in your field, show it.

You know the most about your company and your field of expertise. Provide information that will help your followers understand your brand. The more you show brand identity, the more your followers will be your brand advocates.

3. Provide links and measure the click-through rates.

People on Twitter love to learn new things. They follow interesting people because they are adding value. One way to add value is to link out to relevant articles, blogs, or your own website. If you’re having a sale on a particular item, link straight to that page on your website. Be sure to use URL shorteners like bit.ly or budurl.com so you can track the amount of clicks your link received. That way, you can see how many customers are listening on a particular tweet.

4. Measure your results.

Use engagement tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to monitor your brand. You can set up keyword alerts so that you see what Twitter users are talking about and who is talking about it. Measuring your results shows you what is working, what to improve, and gets you closer to your goal.

5. Listen to your customers and brand advocates/detractors.

Comcast does a great job in listening to their customers. They ask the question, “How can we help”, and they answer to each and every customer. Even hearing your detractors can help your brand—you’ll learn what can improve about your business. Think of social media like a focus group—you test out your brand and you get feedback.

6. Provide Your Email

Complex problems need more attention. Providing your email will help customers talk beyond 140 characters. Also, when the customer has different options in how they can receive customer service, they’ll be happy to choose their preferred method to contact you.

7. And Most of All: Be Social

Talk to your friends, fans, and followers. Listen to what they have to say and respond to them. Provide new information and link your blogs to your Facebook Page, Twitter, and any other social media site you may belong to. You’ll see your traffic rise in no time.

The value of social media is endless. Your competitors are out there, are you?

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