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From Mario to Mobile

Ever since we first smashed bricks with Mario or flipped the Tetris blocks, America has loved video games. Did you know that over one-third of cell phone users play video games through their mobile device? A branded video game, known as an advergame, has the potential to create maximum exposure for your brand by your product being displayed prominently throughout the game. This product placement is common in tv shows or movies, which adds to the verisimilitude (thanks to spell check on that one). If you are thinking about mobile application development for your business this is a fun way to engage your audience and reinforce your brand recognition. Associating your message with a “fun” activity is known to help build emotional recall. The positive sensory experience can help grow brand awareness, message association, and purchase intent. After enjoying something your company produces, your audience is more likely to remember not just the brand or product itself, but to associate specific brand attributes with it.

In honor of my love of video games past, the first person who goes to our Facebook Page and tells me what this is from gets a starbucks gift card. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

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