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4 Steps to Social Media Success

By: katlin

Building a community via social media is hard work but it doesn’t have to be. Setting up a Facebook or Twitter account isn’t enough to maintain a campaign and people are often left wondering ‘What Next?’ Keeping a strong social presence going for your business is fairly simple and with a little elbow grease you will master it in no time. To get you started here are the four most important steps for social media success:… (more…)

Google Author Rank – What it is and why you should care

By: David Brim

The web has given everyone an easy way to publish their ideas and content with the world.  Similarly, the web has made it very easy for us as consumers to find information about a variety of topics.  The issue is that sometimes the content that we find after a search query may not be credible, or add value.  A company utilizing black hat, or unethical SEO strategies may have tricked the search engines to rank pages containing low-value content very high on the search engines, while high-value content created by someone extremely credible on the topic may sink to the bottom of the Google results only to go unfound…. (more…)

Using Conversion Rate Optimization to Better Your Conversion Rates

By: developer

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is self-explanatory. It is the process of optimizing a website, landing page, email campaign or any type of revenue generating page that leads to a conversion/sale.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

CRO is important for so many reasons and the end result is to maximize conversion rates for a product or service you offer. Not all landing pages are created equal. End of story! A landing page or email marketing campaign may look amazing from a design perspective, but may convert poorly. We have seen this hundreds of times. A company will spend hundreds or thousand of dollars developing landing pages for a product, and they come to us asking why they are not making money or why their online campaign is performing so poorly…. (more…)

PayPal Goes Offline

By: katlin

PayPalPayPal. Whenever this brand is mentioned I instantly begin thinking about what I can bid for on eBay or how simple my transactions online with major retailers have been since I began paying with PayPal. I think it’s safe to say that PayPal is my favorite way to pay and now I am excited to say that I can use it in-store!… (more…)

The Quick Guide to Building a High Powered Brand

By: David Brim

When you build a “high powered brand”, your business will obtain an immensely valuable asset to help it strengthen and grow.  This brand has the ability to break through the clutter in your prospect’s minds and carve out a positioning that is there to stay. A “high powered brand” can also energize your customers and employees thereby equipping your business with even more fuel to expand to new heights. This fuel can also give you the boost you need to endure through the tough times and bring you even more prosperity and success during the good times…. (more…)

Google Gives You What You Love All In One Place

By: katlin

Ever wish that you could search Google for your favorite thing and not have to flip through all those tabs to see if there are any videos, news releases, photos, or discussions? Well, Google has a solution…go figure, right?

Welcome what I will argue is one of the most organized and simplest ways to view information about any given topic: What Do You Love from Google. Everything you could imagine about whatever topic you’re interested in appears after clicking the heart icon…. (more…)

16 Tools Every WordPress Designer Should Have in Their Arsenal

By: Dave

If you know me, you know that I love WordPress. It was almost one year ago that I discovered the world of WordPress, its themes, plugins and websites devoted to the powerful CMS. What can I say; it was love at first site. Along the way I have discovered many Themes, Plugins, tips and tricks I use when creating a WordPress site. Here are 16 tools I use that every WordPress designer should add to their design arsenal.(more…)

Who Else Wants to Kinect with Customers?

By: katlin

Businesses have been looking for ways to reinvent marketing to customers for years now, but I think a solution has finally been found. Interactive marketing.

No, I am not talking about your standard trade-show, try this, or join me in my presentation kind of interactive marketing. I am talking about using technology in ways that encourage customers to spend long periods of time in and around your store…. (more…)