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PayPal Goes Offline

PayPalPayPal. Whenever this brand is mentioned I instantly begin thinking about what I can bid for on eBay or how simple my transactions online with major retailers have been since I began paying with PayPal. I think it’s safe to say that PayPal is my favorite way to pay and now I am excited to say that I can use it in-store!

In January PayPal officially launched as a payment method in large brick and mortar retail locations such as Home Depot, Dollar General, Abercrombie & Fitch, and several others. There are two ways to use PayPal at the register’s keypad; each starts with activating your account for in-store checkout. Next you can either enter the phone number associated with your account at the register or use your PayPal Payment Card to complete the transaction. Now, here’s the best part for this method of using PayPal in stores: all discounts and coupons associated with your purchase will automatically be applied.

Here is a demo of PayPal being used at Home Depot:

We aren’t all billion dollar companies, so for small businesses there is also a way to use PayPal in store. The Erply POS System allows store owners to efficiently run their business and provides PayPal as a payment option. In order to use PayPal through Erply customers need to download the app to their iPhone or Android device, on the way to the store they check-in from their device, and then shop as normal. At checkout the customer mentions that they would like to use PayPal and a list of clients will appear on the employee’s side, the employee then chooses the correct customer from photos in the list. Customers are then emailed a receipt and the store has a built in history of past purchases.

See Erply and PayPal in action:

If you are a mobile business don’t worry there is a PayPal for you as well. It’s called PayPal here and works similar to the popular Square device, an app which works along side a credit card reader plugged into your cell phone or tablet.

Here’s a short intro for PayPal Here:

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