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The Quick Guide to Building a High Powered Brand

When you build a “high powered brand”, your business will obtain an immensely valuable asset to help it strengthen and grow.  This brand has the ability to break through the clutter in your prospect’s minds and carve out a positioning that is there to stay. A “high powered brand” can also energize your customers and employees thereby equipping your business with even more fuel to expand to new heights. This fuel can also give you the boost you need to endure through the tough times and bring you even more prosperity and success during the good times.

Building a Brand
But how does one build a high powered brand?

8 Steps to building a high powered brand

  1. Ensure that your company aligns with the core values of the brand
  2.  Use clear, engaging, and relevant language aimed at your target audience
  3. Create an emotional attachment with your consumers and key prospects that resonates with them
  4. Every aspect of the brand statement should be reflected within your company, from top to bottom
  5. Make sure your message is clear and consistent through all of your marketing strategies
  6. Make sure ALL employees deliver the same message every time
  7. Choose highly targeted locations where your key prospects congregate to focus your marketing & advertising
  8. Develop assets that illustrate and reveal your brand

I hope that you have found these 8 tips to building a high powered brand to be helpful, but the truth is…that is not enough. This “high powered brand” must be introduced to the World, and more importantly – to your key prospects. To assist you with this endeavor I’ve added 15 ways that your high powered brand can be revealed.

15 Ways your high powered brand can be revealed

  1. Your brand’s logo
  2. Tagline/slogans
  3. Sales collateral like brochures, leave-behinds, etc
  4. The message communicated in your advertising and marketing
  5. Employees you hire and their actions
  6. Your website’s look, feel and content
  7. What your customers say about you
  8. Business cards
  9. How you interact with your customers and prospects
  10. Your social media profiles
  11. The blog posts/photos/videos and other content you create
  12. Social shares and referrals from others
  13. Quality and consistency of products or services
  14. Press mentions
  15. The story your brand tells

Building a brand is not an easy task, but is well worth it. I hope that you found these suggestions to be helpful.

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