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Google Gives You What You Love All In One Place

Ever wish that you could search Google for your favorite thing and not have to flip through all those tabs to see if there are any videos, news releases, photos, or discussions? Well, Google has a solution…go figure, right?

Welcome what I will argue is one of the most organized and simplest ways to view information about any given topic: What Do You Love from Google. Everything you could imagine about whatever topic you’re interested in appears after clicking the heart icon.

In order to show you how convenient What Do You Love is this is a screen shot of my search for ‘soccer.’

What do you love?

Below each section there is a blue button that will take you to places like YouTube, Google News, Google Earth, Google Translate, and more.

I think I just found my new favorite way to browse the internet. You can try it out at www.wdyl.com

What will you search for?

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