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14 Must Have Apps & Games for A Successful Valentine’s Day

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe you were hit by cupid’s arrow and now all you see is love. Either way we’ve got 14 must have apps & games to get you through Valentine’s Day.

1. Last minute shopping for the perfect gift or your lonely pint of ice cream? Don’t let time rush you into a bad gift disguised in hearts and bows. Use Red Laser to scan the bar-code on items and see all the latest prices from around the web and even check out reviews.

2. Staying in for a romantic dinner? Let Jamie Oliver teach you a thing or two about how to move in the kitchen. His app is free and contains 200+ recipes, color photos, and HD videos; you can also purchase recipe packs for around $1.99 each.

Ness3. Maybe staying in isn’t your thing. The Ness Dining Guide will help you find restaurants that are right up your alley. Described as the “Pandora of Food” you can rate where you eat, see how your tastes compare with your friends, and find new local spots – all for free.

4. Every girl deserves flowers at least once a year so why not make it Valentine’s Day. 1-800-FLOWERS has an app for Valentine’s on the go showing you which arrangements are available same day and allowing to order your sweetie some stems from your phone. This is also a great way to secretly order yourself a bouquet, have it delivered to your office, and then pretend that your super hot new beau is oh-so romantic.

5. Don’t want to spend money buying flowers? Not a problem, you can play Flower Garden by Snappy Touch and grow virtual flowers in the palm of your hand. When they are ready send them via text to the special people in your life.

6. If you are looking for a last minute date you should try out the Virtual Boyfriend. It is free, but there is also an option to purchase the full game for $0.99. Create the man of your dreams, he even talks to you!

7. Chocolate is a V-Day staple. The Divine Chocolate app gives you step-by-step recipes, video tutorials, and even a map to find the nearest location selling their brand of chocolate.

Swirl Fashion8. Avoid a fashion emergency with the Swirl Fashion app. It has a Pinterest feel so you will be able to navigate easily through the app. You are able to create your own style profile and collect offers from brands. While you shop you can use Swirl to remember what you liked and avoid spending hours searching through the store.

9. Pairing the perfect wine for your meal can be a challenge, unless you have the Hello Vino Wine Recommendations app. With this app by your side you will be able to pair wine with food, by taste preferences, and occasions. You can also snap a photo of your wine label for perfect pairings.

10. Use BeeSocial (in BETA right now) to find local events and plan a night out for you and all your friends. Who says Valentine’s needs to be a night for two, anyways!?

Valentines Day Stalker11. Guys, if you are out on Valentine’s Day hitting up the bar for a ‘Bros Night Out’ you definitely don’t want your fun cut short by V-Day Stalkers. You know who I’m talking about, the lonely, boy crazy girl at the bar thinking that today is the day she will meet Mr. Right – a stage 5 clinger ready to strike! Prepare yourself and become familiar with escape routes by playing Valentine’s Day Stalker before you step out of the door.

12. Remember your Valentine’s Day forever with A Love Pic Booth. This app is free and lets you edit your photos to add romantic borders and saying. You can even record a message to go along with your photo.

13. A good staple to have on your phone is Angry Birds Seasons, kill time during your long wait at the restaurant or occupy yourself during that terrible blind date.

14) Set the mood tonight with Valentine Radio. A selection of 40 lounge style radio stations will help you perfect the atmosphere for you and your special someone.

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