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The Best time and day to post on Social Media

Over the last couple days I’ve been asked by several clients…what is the best time and day to post on social media?

The truth is that it depends on who you are seeking to reach and engage with. There is no general time across all markets and social networks. Who you are targeting and where they spend their time are definitely key questions to answer before determining when to post.

If the audience you are targeting works during the day away from the computer then it is best to post after hours or on the weekends. If you’re looking to reach a professional audience that is tech savvy, during work hours may be the best time to engage with them.

Recently I came across a great infographic that illustrates the best day and time to post on various social networks. I found it to be very well done and easy to digest and thought I’d share it.

Best time to Post on Social Media

I hope that you found this inforgraphic to be valuable and are able to utilize the knowledge revealed within it to improve your social media efforts.

Time will tell…



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