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Do you hear them…the sound of thousands aspiring actors, singers, performers…all making their way to the city containing their wishful stardom. With nothing but hope and a dream, for decades adolescents have migrated to cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Memphis in search of their own personal discovery. Modern Cinderella’s (no offense guys), they are all trying to get out of their self proclaimed land of rags to one of riches—they have to go to where the money is. Or is it?

With the onset of a digital world, it gives anyone the endless opportunity to create your own digital fairytale among society. This virtual age has made it possible for anyone to become the next cyber Cinderella. Whether it’s a witty blogger with a unique take on life, or a talented hopeful that is looking for their big break; the ever populating social portals make it possible to turn any average person into entertainment royalty.

Now more than ever people are being exposed to opportunities they never thought possible. In In 2004, a famous blogger was sought after for her witty writing and personal cooking conquest as she attempted to complete all the recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days.;She was asked to write a book. That book was then turned into a movie, Julie Julia, in which Meryl Streep was nominated for an Academy Award. All of this started from just one woman in her Brooklyn apartment documenting her trials and tribulations through a confectionary madness.

Another example—that was in the somewhat recent news—was that of a young boy performing at his schools talent show. He sang a chilling version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ that left the audience jaw-dropped; and was just so happened caught on tape and uploaded to youtube. The next day this young man was performing on Ellen and getting calls from Oprah. His video to date has over 2 million views on youtube.com alone.

The internet creates a platform for fairytales, where anything is possible. Now there’s no need to pack up in search of the Holy Grail Through the use of social media tools, such as Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Youtube and many more, a single upload can change that pumpkin into that Aston Martin you’ve always wanted. You are a single click away from your fairytale ending.

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