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10 Reasons Why Men Should Join Pinterest

Okay men, I see you slowly starting to warm up to the idea of creating an account on Pinterest. However, some of you need a final push and that is just what I am here to do.

I am ready to tell you how to create the manliest Pinterest boards possible so that you can stop peering over your girlfriend’s shoulder or stealing her phone to browse through her recipe, DIY (…one day), and meme boards. Let’s get started…

1. Man Caves.

I just did a search for ‘man caves’ and found these awesome examples of what you can recreate in your own home:

Ultimate Sports Man Cave Ultimate Sports Man Cave

I also found hundreds of macho accents to turn any ordinary basement or den into the ultimate man cave:

Beer Bottle Chandelier Light Switch

2. Workouts.

I know, I know – You’re a man and you don’t need other men telling you what to do during your gym-sesh. Think of it this way, you aren’t asking for help with workouts, you are simply browsing around picking up a few new tips to show off to your buddies with at the gym. When they ask you why you are getting so ripped all of a sudden you can just say, “Oh, you didn’t know that this exercise (insert demonstration here) totally gives you massive quads/ripped abs/biceps that Arnold is jealous of? Here, let me show you how a real man works out..”


3. Food and lots of it.

Man Food Chicken Wings

4. Kung-Fu.

Find free Kung-Fu lessons and them show off to your friends once you have deemed yourself the ‘Kung-Fu Master’


5. It’s pretty funny.

You can curate an entire library of internet memes and funny ecards ready to share on Facebook whenever the mood strikes.


6. You will always be able to buy the woman in your life the perfect gift

I think this speaks for itself…

I Want Pinterest Boards

7. Become the handyman you have always said you are

Who needs the neighborhood handyman or plumber when you can do it yourself? The next time you go to Home Depot you will be only be asking where to find that super specialized socket wrench for your current Man Project.

DIY Pinterest Boards

8. Gadgets

I did a quick search through the Products section and found two gadgets that I know I could buy for the men in my life: a weather girl alarm clock and a cleverly designed sneaker boombox.

Weather Girl Alarm Clock Sneaker Boombox

9. Halloween Costumes

Each year men across the country compete for the most bro-tastic Halloween costumes. If you joined Pinterest you would find gems like these for your next costume masterpiece:

Scary Halloween Costume Funny Halloween Costume

 10. Cars, Motorcycles, and Tattoos

Who said you can’t have the car collection of your dreams? What about your alter-ego of a tattooed, muscle bulging, leather wearing motorcycle gang member? Even when the wife says ‘no’ you can still pretend with secret boards (let’s face it, your wife is probably going to follow you on Pinterest so these types of things should be hush-hush…).

Special thanks to the following pinners for their amazing boards and pins: skyscoolmom, x3kailey26, hkannard, godinfitness, veronicaandrea, manntt and laurakcofer.

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