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From Tumblr to WordPress, a Beginner’s Point of View

Contributor: shetara July 3, 2012

What first attracted me to WordPress was my need for growth. I had previously maintained a blog on tumblr to document my travels. Tumblr was an easy-to-use site where I could post stories, quotes, pictures, and videos.  The layouts were nice, but when it came to designing my posts, I noticed there wasn’t enough customization. Tumblr was designed similar to Twitter, with a constantly updating “news feed” and ability to “re-blog”.  So I realized that I had out-grown Tumblr…. (more…)

Brand Advance and CEO featured in Crain’s Detroit Business as “Master Gardeners”

Contributor: brandadvance2 June 17, 2012

David Brim, founder and CEO of Brand Advance LLC, was featured in the article, Master gardeners: National experts help state biz grow; MEDC-backed program to expand  by Amy Lane in Crain’s Detroit Business.

Crain's Detroit Business

Detroit, MI (June 17, 2012)

David Brim, founder and CEO of Brand Advance LLC, an Orlando, Fla.-based Internet marketing and design agency and member of the national team that assisted Michigan companies, said he sees a variety of needs as he works with companies.

Brim said he helped some Michigan companies construct “thought leadership strategies” — sharing educational content on their websites that helps them stand out as an industry leader. That might entail how-to guides, an educational video, a blog addressing a particular topic, a PowerPoint presentation, informational graphics or webinars, he said.


Google Shopping not so Froogle Anymore

Contributor: Dave June 15, 2012

The one-time Froogle, now Google Product Search will be changing once again this Summer. Google has recently introduced Google Shopping to take over Google Product Search, a transition that should be completed by Fall 2012. Previously listing companies on Google Product Search for free, Google Shopping will be a Paid Inclusion format.

To appear on Google Shopping, it’s basically just like setting up an AdWords campaign. Add a product image, description, price, your daily budget and of course, the amount you’re willing to pay per-click or sale: your bid…. (more…)

Brand Advance Launches New UCF Apartments Website with over 60 Properties to Help UCF Students Find Housing To Fit Their Needs

Contributor: brandadvance2 June 2, 2012

The University of Central Florida’s student enrollment has grown significantly over the last several years, making UCF the second largest university in the United States. To accommodate this growth new apartments are being built, which further complicates a student’s search to find an apartment to rent.

Apartments UCF

Orlando, FL (June 02, 2012)

Brand Advance, an Orlando Internet Marketing agency, has launched a website to help University of Central Florida students find and learn about the numerous apartments near UCF.

The University of Central Florida’s student enrollment has grown significantly over the last several years, making UCF the second largest university in the United States. With the increase of the student population, the stress of finding the perfect apartment, location and amenities is easier with the launch of Apartments UCF.


Orlando Marketing Agency Launches Redesigned Website and Hires New VP of Marketing

Contributor: brandadvance2 June 2, 2012

Brand Advance, an Online Marketing Agency based in Orlando Florida launches a freshly designed website to showcase new internet marketing services and case studies.

Brand Advance Logo

Orlando, FL (June 02, 2012)

Brand Advance (http://www.brandadvance.net), an Orlando based Internet Marketing and Design Agency, has launched their new and enhanced website. David Brim, CEO and Founder of Brand Advance, who is an experienced Internet Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur, is happy to announce the launch of the new http://www.brandadvance.net, as well as a welcomed new VP of Marketing.


7 Must Have Apps to Use on Your Next Vacation

Contributor: Dave May 28, 2012

Just a couple weeks ago I went on vacation to the Smoky Mountains with my wife, Mary, to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Between the ten hour drive and staying in a place we were unfamiliar with, we had to use a ton of apps to get us through the 5 day vacation. Below are 7 apps we used that should come in handy on your next vacation…. (more…)

Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Contributor: David Brim May 24, 2012

I came across this great video that was created by Maile Ohye, a tech lead at Google, who explains the five most common SEO mistakes she has observed and how to overcome them. After reviewing it I thought it would be something valuable for our readers to view…. (more…)

When Moving Your Website, Don’t Leave Your Search Rank Behind

Contributor: ian May 16, 2012

If you are moving your website from one domain to another, it is a good idea to retain your site’s ranking in search results. The best way to keep your rank is to use 301 redirects.

A 301 redirect is simply an action tied to a link that tells the search engine that the link has permanently moved to a new location. This allows the search engine to follow the old link to your new link seamlessly, while avoiding the 404 “Not Found” errors…. (more…)

Sell your old iPad before the value plummets!

Contributor: ian February 21, 2012

The iPad 3 is rumored to be announced on March 7th, so now is the time to sell your old iPad 1 or 2 if you plan on upgrading. Back up your device in iTunes and get rid of it while you still can (if you can live without one until the iPad 3 release of course)…. (more…)