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Reaching the Mobile Corporate Employee

A recent study shows that corporations prefer iOS over BlackBerry, Android, and other platforms. Security and vulnerability issues were among the top concerns for choosing iOS and limiting access to as few platforms as possible.

Corporations prefer iOS over other mobile platforms

Evidently, if you want to reach the mobile corporate employee, your strategy should have a fairly heavy focus on iOS. This means your apps, web apps, ads, and other tactics should be iOS friendly before all else.

But it also means BlackBerry should not be neglected, with a strong 29% usage, just 1% behind iOS. Android and Windows Phone remain important platforms for businesses as well, and an argument can be made to include them in your strategy.

Clearly, however, Symbian and other mobile platforms may not be cost effective targets for your interactive marketing, if you’re trying to reach business consumers.

What mobile platforms do you currently reach, and do you reach each platform differently? Let us know on Facebook.

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