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Got Beef?

This one goes out to all of the meat lovers out there…and all opposing sides for that matter. Let me rephrase: This one goes out to everyone with an opinion on Taco Bell! (ok, I think that covers everyone)

As you may of heard, Taco Bell is currently tap dancing in the middle of a nonsensical law suit claiming that their beefy burrito is not so beefy. Famous for its quick and cheap, yet authentically delicious Mexican cuisine, Taco Bell was astonished when a Californian woman began staking claims that the meat that fills those bulging burritos is only 35% real meat! This woman was literally placing Taco Bell’s reputation on the slaughtering block (pun intended) and ready to hack away the fast food giant’s alleged lies on providing consumers with an all-beef product.

Taco Bell, true to form, was ready to fight back—but in an especially modern way. Rather than bash naysayers, Taco Bell is going all Jiu Jitsu on PE—I mean, the opposing parties, and using the momentum from the negative press to prove their quality and customer loyalty. First President and CEO Greg Creed took the defense by providing online footage of him presenting the facts: Taco Bell is made with 88% real beef, the same we would buy at our local grocery stores. Then he continues to tell us the secret ingredients composing the other 12%. With the video placed on Taco Bell’s website, all parties interested in gaining the honest facts, can hear it from the boss man himself.

What Taco Bell did next to rebuild its reputation and fanship deserves a round of applause—they turned to Social Media (do I hear you clapping). Greg Creed announced that as of  Wednesday morning on the 9th day of February, Taco Bell would give away a coupon for a free taco for the first 10 million people that “like” their Facebook Page. “What? Free Tacos? Yes please!!!” Immediately, my inner college freshman took over—and next thing I knew, I was the proud new fan of Taco Bell and coupon recipient! Genius!

Taco BellNot only are they giving this woman, and “opposing parties,” a swift virtual ass kicking, they are completely rejuvenating their brand. On top of it, sales are probably sky rocketing with the facebook giveaway. I don’t know about you, but one taco is not going to fill me up; but I will get reeled in to go get use out of my complimentary coupon, and then bite the bullet and spend the extra $3 to get the rest of my Mexican meal. By 1:00pm I felt as if I have been on a passport-free trip to Mexico without the hassle of customs or fear of being kidnapped—this campaign is GREAT!

At the end of the day, this woman will probably lose (the lawsuit—pride is already gone),  and Taco Bell will only enhance their reputation as being the best quick Mexican fix, with the beef and prices we love. If I ever get the opportunity to meet Greg Creed, I will thank him: First for the fourth meal…and then for using social media the way it was meant to be used—brands and fans.

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