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27 Monumental Content Ideas to Ignite Your Online Marketing Fireworks

Contributor: David Brim July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  When determining the appropriate blog post to publish for this holiday I must say that our team was “Bursting with Ideas” !   Lots of brainstorming occurred and high powered “boom generating” ideas arose.   But as the smoke cleared one  concept remained sparkling longer than the rest.   Independence Day is such a monumental holiday.  It paved the way for a country founded by freedom of thought, speech and beliefs.  This freedom of thought and speech can be expressed today on the web in the form of social media content or website content.  Being that content is such a monumental part of online marketing we thought it was only appropriate to give you 27 monumental content ideas to help ignite your online marketing efforts.  If you find that your online marketing, social media or thought leadership ideas have fizzled out- I’m sure these content ideas will help ignite your brainstorming…. (more…)