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Analyzing search trends to gain insight into customer demand

Contributor: David Brim May 16, 2013

Search Engine Optimization…we’ve all heard of it.

When most people think of SEO they think of getting keywords to the top of Google to bring targeted traffic to a website. Fundamentally that is the main purpose of SEO, but very few people consider other ways that SEO can be utilized to help your marketing, innovation efforts and overall business strategy…. (more…)

Google Author Rank – What it is and why you should care

Contributor: David Brim February 27, 2013

The web has given everyone an easy way to publish their ideas and content with the world.  Similarly, the web has made it very easy for us as consumers to find information about a variety of topics.  The issue is that sometimes the content that we find after a search query may not be credible, or add value.  A company utilizing black hat, or unethical SEO strategies may have tricked the search engines to rank pages containing low-value content very high on the search engines, while high-value content created by someone extremely credible on the topic may sink to the bottom of the Google results only to go unfound…. (more…)