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10 Reasons Why Men Should Join Pinterest

Contributor: katlin April 8, 2013

Okay men, I see you slowly starting to warm up to the idea of creating an account on Pinterest. However, some of you need a final push and that is just what I am here to do.

I am ready to tell you how to create the manliest Pinterest boards possible so that you can stop peering over your girlfriend’s shoulder or stealing her phone to browse through her recipe, DIY (…one day), and meme boards. Let’s get started…… (more…)

Pinterest: “Pin” Down Your Marketing Strategy

Contributor: alexandra February 10, 2012


“Oh! I love this dress—Pin it!” “Man, that’s an awesome Bronco interior—I have to remember who makes this—Pin it.” “Winter Park has macarons now? They look delicious—Pin it.”

Sound familiar? Well, for those of you who have added “pinning” to your list of skills, it does…. (more…)