A creative marketing agency.

An innovative woodworking tool manufacturer receives the marketing support they needed to take their business to the next level.

About the Client

MICROJIG has been a manufacturer of innovative woodworking safety tools since 2001. In 2012, MICROJIG began working with Brand Advance with the desire to take their company and marketing efforts to the next level. We were happy to help.

Our Work & Results

Brand Advance began working with MICROJIG to simplify their product offerings. Brand Advance took multiple products with separate identities and created a family of five brands under one company. Product packaging, instruction manuals and collateral were created for each brand while streamlined tradeshow materials, instructional videos, sales kits and a new website were developed to support MICROJIG’s overall marketing efforts. As a result, MICROJIG has seen a phenomenal growth in sales with a 50% increase in year one and 75% by year two. Since 2011 Brand Advance has completed over 400 projects for MICROJIG and their company continues to grow as a result of our work together.