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A well crafted and impactful advertising campaign leads to more customers than ever before for Harmony Hearing Centers.

About the Client

Harmony Hearing Centers offers the most technologically advanced hearing instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers. They employ hearing aid specialists and doctors of audiology to custom fit the right hearing solutions for those with mild to severe hearing loss.  They reached out to Brand Advance to help grow the awareness of their company amongst their target audience and increase their inbound phone calls.

Our Work & Results

Prior to working with Brand Advance, Harmony Hearing Centers was placing ads regularly in the newspaper and receiving roughly 15 calls per ad. These ads were designed similar to a quintessential used car dealer ad with lots of balloons, low costs offers and starbursts. Our creative team spent time understanding the essential messages that needed to be conveyed then took a new approach. We created a campaign called “Don’t Miss the Most Important Moments in Life”. The first ad, seen below, lead to over 40 phone calls. Far surpassing the average of 15 per ad.  The campaign continued providing similar results leading to Harmony Hearing Centers booking more appointments and selling more hearing aids than ever before. The company expanded to nine locations throughout Central Florida and was then acquired by Beltone, a leading national hearing aid retailer.