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10 CSS Tricks for All WordPress Designers

Contributor: Dave May 9, 2013

16 Tools Every WordPress Designer Should Have in Their Arsenal

Contributor: Dave January 21, 2013

If you know me, you know that I love WordPress. It was almost one year ago that I discovered the world of WordPress, its themes, plugins and websites devoted to the powerful CMS. What can I say; it was love at first site. Along the way I have discovered many Themes, Plugins, tips and tricks I use when creating a WordPress site. Here are 16 tools I use that every WordPress designer should add to their design arsenal.(more…)

From Tumblr to WordPress, a Beginner’s Point of View

Contributor: shetara July 3, 2012

What first attracted me to WordPress was my need for growth. I had previously maintained a blog on tumblr to document my travels. Tumblr was an easy-to-use site where I could post stories, quotes, pictures, and videos.  The layouts were nice, but when it came to designing my posts, I noticed there wasn’t enough customization. Tumblr was designed similar to Twitter, with a constantly updating “news feed” and ability to “re-blog”.  So I realized that I had out-grown Tumblr…. (more…)