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10 CSS Tricks for All WordPress Designers

Contributor: Dave May 9, 2013

16 Tools Every WordPress Designer Should Have in Their Arsenal

Contributor: Dave January 21, 2013

If you know me, you know that I love WordPress. It was almost one year ago that I discovered the world of WordPress, its themes, plugins and websites devoted to the powerful CMS. What can I say; it was love at first site. Along the way I have discovered many Themes, Plugins, tips and tricks I use when creating a WordPress site. Here are 16 tools I use that every WordPress designer should add to their design arsenal.(more…)

Website Wireframing Made Easy with Balsamiq

Contributor: katlin November 27, 2012

As a business owner you want to be involved in every step of your company’s growth; this includes building a new website.

If you feel out of touch or as though you can’t help in the process beyond just giving your suggestions and hoping that the designer can visualize what you are saying, don’t worry we have a solution for you: create a wireframe.

Wait, don’t start shaking your head or thinking to yourself “I don’t even know what a wireframe is and you expect me to make one!” It’s actually a lot easier than you think…. (more…)

From Tumblr to WordPress, a Beginner’s Point of View

Contributor: shetara July 3, 2012

What first attracted me to WordPress was my need for growth. I had previously maintained a blog on tumblr to document my travels. Tumblr was an easy-to-use site where I could post stories, quotes, pictures, and videos.  The layouts were nice, but when it came to designing my posts, I noticed there wasn’t enough customization. Tumblr was designed similar to Twitter, with a constantly updating “news feed” and ability to “re-blog”.  So I realized that I had out-grown Tumblr…. (more…)

When Moving Your Website, Don’t Leave Your Search Rank Behind

Contributor: ian May 16, 2012

If you are moving your website from one domain to another, it is a good idea to retain your site’s ranking in search results. The best way to keep your rank is to use 301 redirects.

A 301 redirect is simply an action tied to a link that tells the search engine that the link has permanently moved to a new location. This allows the search engine to follow the old link to your new link seamlessly, while avoiding the 404 “Not Found” errors…. (more…)

What is an XML Sitemap and why do I need one?

Contributor: ian February 6, 2012

An XML Sitemap is a simple, yet important file that describes to search engines the layout of  your website’s pages and content. This is a definite must-have for Search Engine Optimization purposes, because if search engines can find your pages easier, then so can your customer!… (more…)