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Invention to Venture Presentation

Contributor: David Brim January 10, 2011

The latter part of last year I gave two presentations on marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization and branding. The first was to a group of start up entrepreneur CEO’s at an Excellence in Entrepreuneurship course, and the second was at the Invention to Venture Conference.

I thought that those who couldn’t attend either may find the presentation helpful, so I’ve added it below.

I hope it helps!

Have a wonderful and prosperous 2011…. (more…)

Gadgets and Gimmicks

Contributor: David Brim June 11, 2010

One of the perks of working in the creative field is that part of our job is to know what new technologies or devices are coming out and how that will effect the market. What will the new Sprint Evo be capable of? Can the Ipad do this? How will the droid change marketing and application development? These are all questions that are fun to throw around and we at Brand Advance believe that keeping up to date with the most current and emerging technologies are of vital importance. My usual delight in walking into a Mac store or Best Buy is enhanced by the fact that what I am purchasing or browsing at is actually my civic duty to our client and part of my job…. (more…)

Catastrophe Marketing

Contributor: David Brim June 3, 2010

In an effort to constantly build my marketing muscles, I try to often go through a set of mental calisthenics. I think about how I would market a particular product or service, and what campaign I would recommend if it were solely my responsibility to craft the strategy.

Many times when going through a discovery with a client to learn about their business we begin the initial dialogue with the client by asking: Who do you want to buy your product or use your service? A very common answer is: “Well, everyone”. Often people forget that in most cases, there is a very targeted customer segment that has the highest propensity to buy. This is the case more often than not…. (more…)

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Contributor: brandadvance2 February 16, 2010

Like a parent with children on opposing basketball teams I have sat in marketing department meetings and listened to internet marketers and traditional marketing experts banter back and forth about how the customer was won.

In internet marketing it is relatively easy to track a campaign’s effectiveness -click a button and you know which landing page your customer came from, put a tracking code in your email marketing and measure the response, have customers text a certain response,-your mobile marketing works, etc. However campaign specific ROI has always been difficult to measure in print and traditional mediums. Which print ad worked? Did they like this media piece? Was it the campaign we launched this month or last month that worked? How do you quantify how many visited the website through the suggestion of a print medium? The convergence (buzzword bingo) of integration of print and online marketing are key factors in the success of your marketing team, but how does a team go about doing that?… (more…)

Understanding Your Customers

Contributor: David Brim November 24, 2009

Any marketing initiative whether traditional marketing, search engine optimization or social media starts with understanding your buyers or potential customers. You do not want to take a “One size-fits-all” marketing approach that targets everyone, but appeals to nobody. By understanding your customers and segmenting them into very distinct groups you will be able to reach each segment with the message that resonates most to them.

To do this we recommend developing buyer personas for each of your target customer groups. A buyer persona is essentially a mini-biography for each of your target customer groups. These buyer personas will be the basis of your keyword research, content strategies, link building and more…. (more…)