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An Introduction to Paper by Facebook

Contributor: katlin February 6, 2014

If you’re one of the many who hasn’t downloaded Paper by Facebook because your friends are saying they don’t like it you’re missing out on a great app. Facebook is letting you build your own portable, beautiful and totally customizable newspaper.

Let’s face it, people are probably just saying they don’t like the app because it’s new and every time Facebook changes something people jump on the ‘I hate it’ train. So, let’s take a little journey through setting up your newly established Paper app…… (more…)

Facebook Offers: Driving New Business and Engaging Customers

Contributor: Dave July 23, 2012

Facebook Offers is a great tool for local businesses to drive new business and engage current customers. Currently, offers are free for page admins to create and share, but it is still limited to a small amount of local businesses.

It’s Simple to Get Started

At the top of your page’s timeline where you would normally create a status post, click “Offer, Event +” and then select “Offers.” Simply select a thumbnail image to be displayed, along with a headline of the offer, terms and expiration. Once you have added a thumbnail, headline, terms and expiration, preview the offer and post it. It really is that easy…. (more…)