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What color is this? An interesting debate.

Contributor: jessica July 3, 2013

What color is this?

Recently a friend posted an image of a solid color on Facebook with a simple question:

What color is this?

Not a question you might ask yourself too often, but you may be surprised how many different variations, practices and methods there are to answering that question.

There were a variety of answers…. (more…)

Do you Understand Color Psychology?

Contributor: David Brim January 4, 2013

Colors…they were one of the first things that we learned as children and are around us constantly.

When we see colors at a conscious, or unconscious level we react to them differently.

When driving we know that green means go and red means stop. We’ve all seen James Bond looking sharp in his black tuxedo in the 007 movies and have come to associate white with innocence. But did you know that colors can impact your customer’s feelings towards your brand and even their buying process? … (more…)