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Who Else Wants to Kinect with Customers?

Contributor: katlin January 11, 2013

Businesses have been looking for ways to reinvent marketing to customers for years now, but I think a solution has finally been found. Interactive marketing.

No, I am not talking about your standard trade-show, try this, or join me in my presentation kind of interactive marketing. I am talking about using technology in ways that encourage customers to spend long periods of time in and around your store…. (more…)

Super Bowl 2012 Ad Spending & Historical Stats

Contributor: David Brim February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. I always find it amazing how much advertisers spend on a 30 second slot. I found this awesome infographic from Adweek that really breaks down many different aspects of advertising historically during the big game. Traditional media definitely has its place, and the Super Bowl is one of those places, but online marketing and tools for analytics & conversion optimization really help you measure your return on investment for your advertising spend. When you’re watching the Super Bowl think about the investment it took for the commercial to be there…. (more…)

16 Ways to Activate Your Existing Customers

Contributor: David Brim January 25, 2012

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is by activating your existing customers. Each of us have our own personal and professional circle of influence. Your customers are no different. People also tend to associate with others that have similar interests to them or are in similar careers. Therefore your customers may be gatekeepers that can open the door to a large amount of new business for you.

Here are 16 tips that I wanted to share to help you better activate your existing customers…… (more…)

Lover or a Hater?

Contributor: alexandra March 2, 2011

Are you incapable of love?

Well if you don’t love Miracle Whip, you are—as a girl confesses in their new “Love us or Hate us?–We’re Not for Everyone” Ad campaign…. (more…)

Got Beef?

Contributor: alexandra February 9, 2011

This one goes out to all of the meat lovers out there…and all opposing sides for that matter. Let me rephrase: This one goes out to everyone with an opinion on Taco Bell! (ok, I think that covers everyone)

As you may of heard, Taco Bell is currently tap dancing in the middle of a nonsensical law suit claiming that their beefy burrito is not so beefy. Famous for its quick and cheap, yet authentically delicious Mexican cuisine, Taco Bell was astonished when a Californian woman began staking claims that the meat that fills those bulging burritos is only 35% real meat! This woman was literally placing Taco Bell’s reputation on the slaughtering block (pun intended) and ready to hack away the fast food giant’s alleged lies on providing consumers with an all-beef product…. (more…)

Top 10 Ad Campaigns of All Time

Contributor: brandadvance2 January 19, 2011

I love clever people. I love creative people. I love wit. That is the reason I decided to pursue a career in marketing and advertising after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.

Every relationship, whether between friends, between lovers, between families, or between a business and its customers is about communication. The foundation of general communication is an understanding of what makes people tick or in “marketing language”- the human condition. The human condition encompasses the experiences of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context.

One of my favorite things to work on are coming up with advertising campaigns or public service announcements that are going to evoke powerful feelings and tug on your heartstrings. If done properly these can make you laugh, make you cry, or move you to participate in a cause. Here are ten of my favorite campaigns and why I like them…. (more…)

Understanding Your Customers

Contributor: David Brim November 24, 2009

Any marketing initiative whether traditional marketing, search engine optimization or social media starts with understanding your buyers or potential customers. You do not want to take a “One size-fits-all” marketing approach that targets everyone, but appeals to nobody. By understanding your customers and segmenting them into very distinct groups you will be able to reach each segment with the message that resonates most to them.

To do this we recommend developing buyer personas for each of your target customer groups. A buyer persona is essentially a mini-biography for each of your target customer groups. These buyer personas will be the basis of your keyword research, content strategies, link building and more…. (more…)